From the most archaic forms of Hungarian folk music, ritual songs and ballads, Katalin Burns took a long route to discover Siberian and Indian vocal techniques. With her musicians Gergely Kiss, kobsa player, and Gábor Bártfai, bass guitarist/percussionist, she has been performing at art festivals and cultural events since 2006.

The group Katalin Burns and the Hajna has a mission to introduce its audiences to the unique passage that links Hungarian music to Asia. Beside folk songs and compositions, their concerts also include fast dance tunes from the Moldva area.

Katalin Burns is often featured in other art projects and fusion shows. She was recently invited to Pakistan by the Embassy of Hungary, where she participated in a Hungarian-Pakistani fusion show with local musicians and sang Hungarian folk songs in a live TV show.


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Hungarian & Pakistani Fusion Dhamaal

Hungarian Song By Katalin Burns

Fusion Performance Katalin Burns and Salman Adil

Hungarian Gergelem tune on kavalTatar and Tuvan song by Katalin Burns and Gergely KissDeer chant by Burns Katalin és a Hajna

TV clip on Katalin Burns, Suraj Khan, Chand Khan's fusion show